Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wild self

Today we created a wildself. When we had finished we had to write what our wildself looked like. You able able to read our wildself descriptions on our writing blogs Below is pictures of our wildself. What do you think?


Mrs Mercer said...

Hi Room 12,

Wow! I love all of the wildselves you have created! I think they look fantastic on your blog page too! I think Norbridge Class 1 would love to have a go at creating some too, thank you for inspring us again!

Mrs Mercer
Norbridge Academy UK

Ms. L and Division 18 said...

Hi Room 12, We like monsters that you made. Were they hard to make? Do you think we can make them too. From Eldon on behalf of Division 18
Surrey, BC, Canada

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are so wild you've got so many differnt animals in one picture. I think they are very imaginative.