Friday, September 7, 2012

Bear Cupcakes

Today we made brown bear cupcakes. Our cupcakes looked very cute and they were delicious to eat.


Anonymous said...

It looked like fun making the cup cakes. I wish I could have one like Mr McPhun.

Justin said...

Wow Room 12 those a really nice cupcakes.Those cupcakes look very yummy.

Class 2RB said...

Wow, those brown cakes look really yummy but how did you make them look so realistic?

We think we would like to make these as well, what different ingredients did you use?

I really like how you have made your colourful pictures spin around, we want to do that for our blog as well.

Class 2RB
St Michael's Primary School
Braintree, England

Room 03 said...

Hello from Room 3 at Porritt School. We are one of your quadblogging partners. We think your cupcakes look awesome and we would love to eat them. Do you think you send some to us????

Te Paerangi said...

WOW! They are yummy cup cakes. By Eden