Friday, February 17, 2012

'I Went' writing

This week our words of the week were 'I went'. We all talked about somewhere we went. We then used revelation Art to draw our pictures then we wrote our  'I went' sentences using google presentations. We enjoyed doing our writing using these tools.


The Habits of mind we used to complete this task were' Persisting, thinking flexibly, Creating, Imagining and Innovating.


Allanah King said...

I went to have a look at your blog and I thought it was really great.

Well done.


E6 said...

Hello Room 12! We think your art work to match your stories are so colourful. We would like to try doing some art like that to match our stories one day soon. We have been learning to write 'I went' stories as well. Angelina and Emily think it is cool to look on your blog and see you are learning things that we are learning too! From E6 at Eastern Hutt School.